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How to begin


1. For the first contact with the system, try the demo software EFEKT. In demo you can register, but it is not the condition. In case you register, you will receive an e-mail with a password to the system right after completing the registration form. The demo version will automatically assign you a card with 10 000 points, which you can use to order fictitious goods from our e-shop. Try demo software

2. Try your own free loyalty program for free. You can register the program through menu Try for a month. After completing the form,  an empty loyalty system will be created, where the system manager will generate a password, which you will receive by an email. After you log in, you will get to the administration section of the system, where you can set up your data for the loyalty system. The procedure can be found in menu Start -> Online help. You can use this program one whole month for free .After a month, you can decide whether to continue using the program or not.

3. Choose a method how your customers will identify themselves as clients of your system in the shops E-Shop. According to the type of plastic cards, choose in E-Shop a compatible reader for your loyalty system.

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