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Create own loyalty system quickly and simple

Are you looking for a way to increase sales of your products and services?

Loyalty system EFEKT is an instrument that will help you by making the customers return to your store and buy more. The implementation of EFEKT system does not require big initial investments. The only condition is internet connection.

TRY EFEKT FOR FREE and get a free license for a month.

Loyalty system can be configured in two ways: Scoring or Discounting.

Scoring system:

After each purchase customers will be credited loyalty points . They can use them to buy goods or services either via e-shop, or shop. You can set the number of points that clients need to purchase goods in the system.

Discounting system:

After every purchase customers get points. According to the number of those points customers will be offered a discount. The amount of those discounts depends from the number of collected points.

You can find more information on how to create your own loyalty system EFEKT in How to begin

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